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    Super Team Delivers Supersports

    A team of over 700 automotive specialists were involved in the creation of our Bentley Continental Supersports. The Continental Supersports delivers uncompromised supercar performance and the most thrilling driving experience imaginable. At the...

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    Charles Hurst Bentley Reports Mulsanne Success

    Charles Hurst Bentley has reported a significant uptake in new Mulsanne models for this year. Nelson Todd, a sales executive who deals with new model purchases at the dealership, said that the number of customer orders for the Mulsanne in the...

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    Charles Hurst Manager Leading The Drive In Standards

    A senior member of staff from Charles Hurst Bentley has become the first manager in the UK Bentley dealership network to be awarded with the Automotive Management Accreditation (AMA). Kevin Rogan, the aftersales manager at Charles Hurst Bentley,...

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    Bentley Ireland Website

    To view Republic of Ireland registered vehicles that we have in stock please click the following link http://dws.autotorq.com/Charles_Hurst_Bentley_Ireland